iGowise to launch new electric bike with 145 km range

By EVsInsider

Nov 18, 2022

Igowise Mobility has recently released its electric scooter with the name “Trigo BX4“. 

This is a three-wheeled electric scooter, and the company says this scooter is mainly made for urban families for easy riding.

According to the company Trigo BX4 has a claimed range of 145km with 180Nm of Torque and Top speed of 75kmph. 

 scooter is available in three different models, each with the same battery power. and can be charged with a 15-amp hyper-fast charger

BX4 has features like intelligent auto-swiveling at high speed, aelf stabilisation at low speeds, and manoeuvrability etc.

This scooter is expected to cost between Rs. 1.1 Lakh to Rs. 1.2 lakh. 

will make its debut in the Indian EV market on January 26th, 2023.

first 5000 customers, such as free accessories, an extended warranty, and resale or buy-back options.

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