Ola Electric Car is Here; Likely to Be Large Sedan

Indian EV start-up Ola Electric and its first product, the S1 e-scooter, is well-documented to be the next four-wheeler. 

The initial assumption was that the first electric car would be a compact hatchback for use in the city, possibly a larger sedan.

This information was recently confirmed by Ola CEO Bhavish Agarwal, who tweeted a picture of a mock-up with some fuzzy designs.

The Onebox hatchback has four flush-fitting doors, arrow-optimized wheels, no door handles, a black roof, nose-length glass space and an LED light bar that extends across the width of the vehicle.

A Large battery the first Ola electric car will get a large battery with a capacity of about 70-80kWh and consequently a long range. 

The 70-80kWh battery itself is very expensive, which will play a big role in the price of Ola electric car, so don’t expect it to be cheap.

 Looking at its application in a ‘big sedan’, we can estimate that the starting price of the car is less than Rs. 25lakh.

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