Build Quality

Build quality, it is average. Plastic has been used in many places. Even in terms of fit and finish, I would say that it is average.

Instrument Cluster

Instrument Cluster looks Colourful 7inch instrument cluster has been given in this bike. which shows you the battery levels which is very important in an electric bike.

Pure EV Etryst 350 Tires

 R18 is front and rear you get hub mounted R 17 tyres, then the motor is mounted there itself. Both of them are 220mm disc brakes.


Range, then it starts from 90km. In first mode this kind of eco mode company claims that you can get upto 140km in a single charge.


The battery is 2.5 watts/hour that is inside it. This Pure EV Etryst 350 bike takes 6 hours to charge. You get 3 modes, in 3rd mode you get the highest speed.


suspension, the Hey Descent suspension is not meant to be very rough, the Hey Descent means, in terms of city driving, I would say good enough.

 Safety Features

There are two safety features, one is the engine switch plus also the parking mode. When you start after that you have to P and then you can drive the vehicle.

Price in India

pure etryst 350 price without subsidy is Rs. 1,54,999 EX – showroom. There is a motorcycle under the decent pricing given and not only the other bike which is about 1.25 lakh rupees.

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