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November 23, 2022

Tailing Q5 Electric Tricycle With a Canopy Design, up to 70km Range Launched

By EvsInsider

Tailing, a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, has launched e-mopeds with an unique canopy design Q5 Electric Tricycle.

front design features a pair of panda lens headlights, three front wheels, 110 massive drum brakes, and 130 drum brakes on the back side. 

It has a windscreen that shields you from the sun and rain. This tricycle does not require a driver's licence, although it can be registered.

A 500W sine wave motor and a 72V/20AH battery are included with the Q5 Electric Tricycle. 

This tricycle can travel up to 70 kilometres on a single charge when fully charged. 

 Tailing Q5 Electric Tricycle includes features such as an LCD instrument panel, accelerator handle controls, a brake pedal, etc

The Tailing Q5 electric tricycle price has yet to be released, although it is likely to be confined to China.

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