Tesla to add 3D terrain 

As FSD has improved over the years, Tesla has added more visualization to car displays. The car display shows what the car can see and react to around.

According to Tesla code analyst Green the Only, they say Tesla is “preparing to do some kind of 3D terrain.”

While navigating, it’s not clear if the FSD already realizes the height of the terrain, but it looks like Tesla will now add height changes to its visualization as well.

Tesla prefers to keep the visualization easy with a gray-tone feel, so roads and surrounding areas can be seen under the influence of shadows to visualize mountains and valleys.

GreenTheOnly isn’t sure what the visualization will look like, but we can learn more as Tesla begins to add more information and resources to support 3D terrain in creating future firmware.

The car understands that there is an object, but it is difficult to try to see the object in a way that people can understan

In the future, we will see more sophisticated 3D environments that display static objects such as buildings, trees, sidewalk controls and more.

The Tesla MCU chip is already capable of rendering 3D video games, so it can be imagined to render more accurate images of its surroundings.

Although not an FSD beta, Tesla originally planned to make all FSD visualizations available to everyone.

 Elon first mentioned the visualization available in Europe in October last year, so we hope Tesla is still planning for it.

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