This Electric bike built from scraps costs only ₹35,000

Nausha is a Punjab-based electric scooter manufacturer. The various parts used in this scooter are being imported from China

Nausha electric scooter is manufactured using scrap materials that are considered unfit. 

The cylindrical part used is the outer part of a submersible borewell used in agriculture.

It is speculated that the scooter frame, hub motor, battery, and controller, etc used in this scooter are packed up from other E-scooters

Nausha Electric scooters’ main parts, like the BMS, battery, controller, and other components, are placed inside the cylinder body. 

The hub motor is placed behind the cylinder. This electric scooter comes in two colors

yellow with a drum break in the front and black with no drum break. The scooter has other features like an LED headlight and a taillight on the front and rear sides

The Nausha electric scooter has not yet been officially released in India. 

 Nausha mentions that the scooter will be available for only Rs 35,000 in India. 

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