Haryana State Offers Rs 10lakh Discount on Electric Cars

By Harsha G             July 04, 2022

Haryana state govt has approved a new EV policy for the state.

under this policy, the electric vehicle manufacturer may be able to avail of 50% of SGST for 10 years.

 And for the other state, transportation manufacturers will get ₹1 crore.

As reported by Live Hindustan, for ₹40 lakh and ₹70 lakh ranged electric vehicles, the customer may avail of a 15% discount up to ₹10 lakh. 

These rules also apply to a hybrid electric car. Yes, ₹40 lakh under the hybrid vehicle will get ₹3 lakh flat and a 15% discount.

Haryana Locals may get a 15% discount on ₹15lakh to ₹40lakh under electric vehicles. So that customers will get a discount of Rs. 6 lakh.

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