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What This Police Officer Did to Youtuber Ola S1 Rider on Their Trip from Karnataka to Kerala: Video


Ola electric scooters seem to be the talk of the town with many mixed reviews about the product but it’s no wonder that people are curious about them. Several videos of Ola electric scooter riders showing off their range and durability have made these two-wheelers very popular.

However, not everyone is convinced yet and many people have expressed range anxieties when it comes to electric vehicles. Nevertheless, we recently came across a video that might help put some of those worries at ease.

In the video a Kerala police car stops an Ola S1 Pro electric scooter rider to check out the vehicle. The video showcases the range and durability of the product and highlights the Kerala police’s appreciation for electric two-wheelers.

RV MEDIA has recently shared a video on their Facebook page bringing us along on a roadtrip through the Bandipur National Park. The vlogger riding an Ola S1 Pro scooter embarked on his journey from Mysore in Karnataka and is heading to Kozhikode in Kerala.

While on the highway he kept a steady speed to ensure he wouldn’t run into any range issues. As he entered the road cutting through the national park and he was surrounded by tall trees on either side. With the wind rustling the branches and the sun dappling the path, the vlogger enjoyed a peaceful ride.

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The rider pulled over at the checkpost feeling a bit nervous. He saw the cops coming near his scooter and his heart raced. He had heard a lot of stories about the strictness of the cops in this region. However, the cop asked him only some basic questions, which relieved him. The rider was fortunate to not encounter any wild animals while riding the road. In the past, tigers and other wild animals were spotted on the same route. All he found was a spotted deer which he had to quickly pass by.

After crossing the checkpost, the rider kept riding until another cop asked him to pull over. Initially anxious as he had a Go Pro mounted on his body, which is illegal in Kerala, he was relieved when the cop was more interested in checking if the rider was carrying any illegal items from the neighboring state. The cop was surprised to see a person taking on such a long journey on an electric scooter. After satisfying with all the answers, the cops let the rider go with a friendly advice.

The Ola scooter rider mentioned the riding range of the vehicle with a fully charged battery which took the police officer aback. The rider then explained the details of the instrument cluster, including a touchscreen unit, speakers for music and maps for navigation. The officers examined the charger and boot space of the scooter and were impressed. After the inspection they allowed the rider to go on his way.

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