EV CarsExclusive: Tesla Drops Exciting Teaser Image of Secret Car Project in Production

Exclusive: Tesla Drops Exciting Teaser Image of Secret Car Project in Production


CEO Elon Musk, during Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting held yesterday, tantalizingly glimpsed into the future endeavors of the company. Musk clarified that the event did not intend to make any major new product announcements but couldn’t help hinting about Tesla’s upcoming electric car. Furthermore, he confirmed the production of two undisclosed vehicles.

During the meeting, Tesla fans around the world thrilled to receive a glimpse of the highly-anticipated new car. The teaser image revealed by Tesla created a huge buzz, leaving enthusiasts longing for more information about the car’s features and specifications. But that’s not all. Elon Musk excited the audience even further by adding that Tesla has been putting a lot of work into developing two new products. The news has already created a lot of anticipation among the Tesla faithful, although he did not provide any specific information about these products.

Tesla left viewers in the dark with no clear indication of what the automaker has in store during its latest unveiling. The event presented a shadowed image that offered few hints about the upcoming vehicle, leading car enthusiasts and industry professionals to speculate. Without any official details from Tesla, there is only so much that can be said about the mysterious car. However, based on what we do know, we can make some educated predictions.

During his address, Musk excitedly announced that Tesla is already building its next vehicle. Those in attendance were intrigued, as it was uncertain whether the vehicle was a prototype or a production model. Musk presented a render of the vehicle, giving a peek into its future and providing a glimpse of what it may look like.

At the company’s shareholder meeting Tesla CEO Elon Musk addressed the excitement and expectations around the company’s upcoming product launches. Musk took to the stage and emphasized the need for a dedicated event to properly unveil the next vehicle, ensuring that the company introduces the product to the public in the best possible way. Musk reassured the shareholders and fans that Tesla is diligently working on new products and making steady progress, thereby quelling any doubts about the development of the products.

people have nicknamed the “$25,000 Tesla,” is expected to be manufactured at Gigafactory Shanghai in China and then exported to other countries. What’s even more exciting is that recently, observers noticed a prototype of the car undergoing testing in China, and it appears to be based on the Mazda platform. This suggests that Tesla is making progress with its plans for local design and production.

Lately, Elon Musk has been keeping busy. In his latest announcement, the tech mogul revealed that Tesla’s upcoming product lineup includes a “robotaxi” and a smaller hatchback. The “robotaxi” is designed to meet the growing interest in self-driving vehicles and will be specifically tailored for autonomous driving and taxi services. Musk has high hopes for the potential success of these two vehicles.


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