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Tesla Owners Can Transfer Full Self-Driving Capabilities to a New EV for Free


Tesla is offering a one-time deal for its current customers who want to upgrade their vehicles and keep their full self-driving (FSD) package. The FSD package is a software that enables Tesla vehicles to perform autonomous driving functions such as lane changing, parking, and navigating traffic. The package costs $15,000 and is usually tied to the vehicle, not the owner.

However, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced on Wednesday that the company would allow one-time amnesty for owners who want to transfer their FSD package to a new Tesla vehicle. The offer is valid only until September 30, 2023, and comes with some conditions.

According to a Twitter user who received an email from Tesla, owners who want to take advantage of the offer need to do the following:

  • Order a new Tesla vehicle and take delivery of it before September 30, 2023.
  • Request to transfer the FSD package from their current vehicle to the new one. The request can be made as early as one week before the scheduled delivery of the new vehicle.
  • Agree to forfeit the FSD package on their current vehicle. The software will be removed from the vehicle and cannot be restored or transferred again.
  • Understand that the FSD package cannot be transferred to another person or vehicle, even if the vehicle is privately sold.

The offer is not reversible, meaning that if owners change their mind and decide not to buy the new Tesla vehicle, they will lose the FSD package on their current vehicle as well. The offer also cannot be applied retroactively, meaning that owners cannot request to transfer the FSD package after they have received the new vehicle.

Tesla’s FSD package is one of the most advanced and expensive self-driving features in the market. Many Tesla owners have expressed dissatisfaction with having to pay for the software again when they upgrade their vehicles. The one-time amnesty offer is a way for Tesla to reward its loyal customers and encourage them to buy new vehicles.

Tesla Owners Can Transfer Full Self-Driving Capabilities to a New EV for Free

However, the offer is also limited in time and scope, and may not appeal to everyone. Some owners may not want to give up their FSD package on their current vehicle, or may not be ready to buy a new vehicle before September 30. Others may prefer to wait for more improvements and updates on the FSD software before investing in it again.

Tesla’s FSD package is still in beta testing and requires constant supervision from the driver. The software is not yet capable of fully autonomous driving in all situations and environments. Tesla has faced criticism and scrutiny from regulators and safety advocates over its self-driving claims and performance.

Tesla has also announced that it will open its Supercharger network to other electric vehicles starting in 2024. This means that Tesla owners will have more competition for charging their vehicles at Tesla stations. However, it also means that Tesla will generate more revenue from its charging infrastructure and expand its market share in the electric vehicle industry.

Tesla is constantly innovating and disrupting the automotive sector with its products and services. The one-time amnesty offer for transferring FSD capabilities is another example of how Tesla is trying to attract and retain its customers in a competitive market.


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