EV BikesYamaha reveals two electric two-wheeler concepts: E-FV and ELOVE

Yamaha reveals two electric two-wheeler concepts: E-FV and ELOVE

The concepts will be displayed at the Japan Mobility Show later this month


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Yamaha has unveiled two new electric two-wheeler concepts, the E-FV and the ELOVE, that showcase the company’s vision for the future of mobility. The E-FV is an electric mini race bike that aims to make racing training easier for young riders, while the ELOVE is a self-balancing electric scooter that features Yamaha’s proprietary AMSAS (Advanced Motorcycle Stability Assist System) technology. Both concepts will make their debut at the Japan Mobility Show, which will be held from October 25 to November 5.

The E-FV concept: A mini race bike for young racers

The E-FV concept is designed to help kids kickstart their racing training with ease. It features a clip-on handlebar, an upright windscreen, and a sporty design. The concept eliminates the need for clutch and gearbox operations, which can be challenging for beginners. Instead, it uses an electric motor that delivers smooth and linear power delivery. The concept also features speakers that produce sounds similar to traditional petrol-powered vehicles when starting up or turning off. This allows young riders to enjoy a realistic racing experience without the complexities of a clutch and gearbox.

The ELOVE concept: A self-balancing electric scooter with AMSAS technology

The ELOVE concept: A self-balancing electric scooter with AMSAS technology
The ELOVE concept: A self-balancing electric scooter with AMSAS technology

The ELOVE concept is a quirky-looking electric scooter that highlights Yamaha’s AMSAS technology, which aims to enhance rider safety and stability. The technology uses sensors and actuators to detect the vehicle’s tilt angle and adjust the steering and braking accordingly. This helps prevent the scooter from falling over or losing balance. The concept also has large wheels (possibly 14-inch), disc brakes on both wheels, telescopic front forks, and twin rear shock absorbers. While specific details about the battery and motor remain under wraps, the concept could potentially lead to a production model featuring advanced stability features for riders.

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Yamaha has set an ambitious goal of achieving zero motorcycle-related deaths by 2050. The company plans to accomplish this primarily through its AMSAS technology, which has already been showcased on the YZF-R3 prototype model. The E-FV and ELOVE concepts further demonstrate the Japanese marque’s dedication to improving rider safety. They pave the way for future production models with advanced stability assist systems.

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